Pasang Iklan Proxy Scraper: Comprehensive Review and Analysis Proxy Scraper: Comprehensive Review and Analysis

Introduction – proxy [scraper]( is a valuable tool for internet users who want to access blocked content or enhance their online privacy. With the increasing restrictions on internet access and concerns about privacy, having access to a reliable proxy scraper is essential. In this article, we will review and analyze various proxy scrapers available in the market, providing you with all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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Top Proxy Scrapers

  1. ProxyScrape

– Developer: ProxyScrape – Pricing: Free – $24.99/month – Quality: High-quality proxies with multiple features for different use cases. – Money-making potential: Varies based on usage and requirements. – Legality: Legal, with clear terms of service and acceptable use policies.

  1. ScraperAPI

– Developer: ScraperAPI – Pricing: $29/month – $499/month – Quality: Reliable and efficient proxy scraping solution for developers. – Money-making potential: Suitable for data extraction and web scraping projects. – Legality: Complies with legal requirements for web scraping.

  1. ProxyCrawl

– Developer: ProxyCrawl – Pricing: $29/month (Starter) – Custom pricing options available – Quality: Robust infrastructure and global proxy network for reliable scraping. – Money-making potential: Ideal for enterprise-level data extraction and monitoring. – Legality: Ensures compliance with legal regulations governing web scraping activities.

  1. Smartproxy

– Developer: Smartproxy – Pricing: $75/month (Micro) – Custom pricing options available – Quality: Residential proxies for diverse use cases, including market research and ad verification. Money-making potential Offers monetization opportunities through data gathering applications. Legality Committed to ethical data collection practices and legal compliance.

  1. Oxylabs Developer Oxylabs Pricing Custom pricing options available based on specific requirements Quality Premium residential proxies with advanced features for business needs. Money-making potential Suitable for high-value data collection projects requiring premium proxies. Legality Adheres to legal standards related to web data gathering activities.
  2. Luminati Developer Luminati Networks Ltd Independent no-logs audit Yes Maximum simultaneous connections Unlimited 24/7 customer support Yes Streaming service access Yes Money-back guarantee 3 days Based in Israel


  • Diverse range of pricing options catering to different user needs.
  • Emphasis on legality, compliance, and ethical use of proxies.
  • High-quality residential proxies suitable for professional use cases.


  • Some higher-priced options may not be affordable for individual users or small businesses.
  • Limited money-back guarantees or trial periods may pose risks when testing new services.

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